Cute And Sexy


Model Mateus Verdelho graces the cover of the August issue of Junior magazine photographed by Didio.


I will be posting more pictures as soon as they hit my inbox.


Body, eyes, facial structure - very nice! Tattoos - ?

i just completely died out of his sexiness

and i hate those anti-tattoos comments. for god's sake, look at how sexy that guy is, specially with those tattoos!

As I said a few days ago, the tattoos are a bit too much. They despoil an otherwise great body.

The tattoo's may be a bit much, but he's still TOTALLY hot. (LOVE the gun.)

He's an extremely handsome young man and I agree that the inking adds nothing to his appeal; infact it lessens it for me!

I like his tattoos and I usually don't like guys with ink. They're just too cute on him!

I've been missing Mateus since his Terra Boy spread!

Still sexy, but not liking the tattoos or the piercing. :( Makes me sad.

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