Carlos Freire's Abs Make A Cameo In The New Armani Exchange Ads


Images of the Armani Exchange fall 2009 campaign hit the web today with a surprise cameo by Carlos Freire's ripped abs. The Brazilian model is also in a few other pictures of the campaign, but none of them actually show his face. Your thoughts?


Carlos is hotter than the other guy. Mmm Carlos.


His body is iconic - that's why they didn't feature the rest of him.

I think it is terrible that they used Carlos' body but would not show his face. Carlos deserves all the credit in the world for maintaining his awesome physique, and Armani Exchange should be ashamed of themselves for not including Carlos' handsome face in these photos.

Can't blame them for focusing on his body but it's a shame not to see his face. He can rock a "sexy expression" with the best of them, in my opinion...

Porque ele é camarão!!!

Those are definitely abs you can wash your clothes on! That guy is beautiful. Always greatful to MIB for brightening my day with incredibly handsome men. Thank you!!!

ok guys let's be honest. Everyone knows Carlos by his body. His body is so uniquely amazing that it's more recognizable than his face. We all know who he is and we're giving him his due credit. That should be sufficient I think.

Kerry threw the tantrum to the photographer not to show Carlos' face because he's afraid Carlos would steal his thunder. Possibly ?

i agree with sean

and lets be honest...Kerry doesn't have enough clout in the industry to be throwing tantrums

kerry isn't even that hot. carlos' face is one of his best assets and hes way better looking. carlos is more "ax" than kerry is. shame shame shame

bring back miro moreira, clint mauro, miguel iglesias, alessandra, and izabel. then carlos will fit right in. i was disappointed when they cast kerry.

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