Behind The Scenes With Jonas Sulzbach


The guys behind the Glow party in Brasília always outdo themselves when it comes to the promotional material, and I am not just saying that because they are my friends. For the next edition of Glow, taking place on August 22 at nightclub Blue Space, they ditched the usual go-go dancers and booked model Jonas Sulzbach to pose for the flyers. View behind the scenes pictures from the shoot after the jump.






Jonas wears pants by Walério Araujo and a pendant by Mario Queiroz. 

Click here to view the final version of the flyer for next month's Glow party. All pictures by Pedro Marra, courtesy of ParouTudo.


Jonas has a great upper body!

He looks like the pants are painted on him, quite nicely too!.

Hey there :)
I just downloaded your boyfriend's podcast and I think it is great. Please tell him to share with us some more songs like those! Thanks. ;)

Jonas is one of my favourite Brazilian male models so far. Drop-dead gorgeous!

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