A First Look At The July Issue Of DOM

Here is a very exclusive picture of Carlos Freire from the portfolio shot by Rick Day for the latest issue of DOM.


Another shot after the jump.


Fyi, the model in the picture above is Steve Benisty, and the spread was shot in Grumari, Rio de Janeiro. Model Felipe Anibal is also in it, and I will make sure to post more pictures as soon as they are available.

Pictures exclusively at MIB courtesy of DOM magazine.


Is Carlos Freire a god or what? Look at that perfect physique! Thanks MIB, I'm in heaven again!

OMG, Carlos' body is surreal! How does he do it?!

His body is to overdone, he looks like a fitness model rather than a fashion model ... I prefer Evandros/Miros/Andres etc.. leaner, athletic & more natural looking.

One of the few times when a fashion model could be a fitness model, equally.

"One of the few times when a fashion model could be a fitness model, equally"

He doesn't really do fashion work. Unless you class underwear as fashion. Once he starts appearing in fashion editorials & doing the shows in Europe then I'll perhaps class him as fashion model ... Until then, his body is to overdone compared to 99.9% of the other guys.

OMG! Where would I be without MIB? The top foto took my breath away!!! Um, my birthday is in a few days. If anyone is interested, I would love something on the order of Carlos. He doesn't have to gift-wrapped either.


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