360 Degrees Of São Paulo

Sp0721091 One of the things I dislike the most about São Paulo's architecture is the "neoclassic" design which took over residential and commercial buildings over the last decade. Fortunately (for me at least), the architecture of the city is undergoing a recent change with the development of projects like the new 360º Building in the neighborhood of Alto de Pinheiros.

Winner of the Architectural Record's Future Project Award, the building designed by Isay Weinfeld will feature 62 elevated homes with outdoor space. Seven different apartments are available, ranging in size from 1,350 to 2,700 sq. ft., and selected based on your preference of city view. I went to see a furnished unit on display at the building site, and it completely blew me away. The outdoor space is incredible, and something you just do not get at any other building in São Paulo unless you happen to live on the penthouse. Construction is scheduled to begin soon, with delivery slated for late 2011.

Fyi, it is only recently that I really got into São Paulo's real estate developments, partially because I was looking to buy an apartment in the city, so expect more posts on architecture and furniture design coming in the next few months.

View more renderings of the 360º Building after the jump.




Read more about the project in World Architecture News.


This posting is a nice change from the usual model/fashion subjects you usually showcase. Hope to see more posts on such subjects. Alto de Pinheiros is a nice part of town. Lots of green and quiet areas. Enjoy!


was the game Jenga the inspiration? ;)

What a striking project you have presented. It lifts your blog to a new level of sophistication concerning what beauty is in all forms.

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