Sasha Fierce At Madison Square Garden

I went to see Beyoncé in concert last night in New York, and it was freaking incredible. The Mugler outfits, the choreography, the videos on the screen, everything was crazy tacky, and yet brilliant. I love that she managed to include almost all of her hits in medleys throughout show, and how committed she is to making sure each number is completely over the top. Also, the video piece before Single Ladies was just too good and unexpected to be true. Here is a clip of the opening number.

Watch another video from last night after the jump.

My favorite numbers, other than Single Ladies of course, were Smash Into You, Diva, and the medley on the second stage.

To Scott, thanks for getting us the tickets. To Matthew, thanks for dancing and screaming with me throughout the concert.


wow, she put on a show

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