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Oraine Barrett is now officially the first black model to grace the cover of DOM magazine, photographed in New York by my friend Greg Vaughan. I put the entire shoot together earlier this year, and I can't wait to see the issue on newsstands this week. Make sure to pick up a copy if you are in São Paulo for Pride, and expect pictures from the spread with Oraine to be posted soon.


Lucius, you are entitled to your opinion but what has that got to do with the point of this article? What is being celebrated here is that a Black person has FINALLY made the cover of a Brazilian magazine that has continuously used white models that were barely distinguishable from any Chelsea-boy publication. Good for DOM. What I would like to know is why it has taken them so long and did their move to a new publisher have anything to do with it. Also, is DOM going to be committed to the diversity of their cover models or is this just a one time thing? IMO, it is ridiculous to be a Brazilian publication and have all white models.

I love that he is beautiful and that he is what the magazine deems "American Style."

DOM is very committed to diversity. Oraine may be the first black model on the cover, but DOM has included black or ethnic models in most of its issues since it launched a year and a half ago. The magazine has already featured model portfolios on different ethnic backgrounds, and published a story with Asian-Brazilian models last month. You may also remember that model Leandro Okabe, of Asian descent, has posed for the cover of the magazine a year ago.

The Oraine cover has nothing to do with the new publisher. It was a suggestion of the editor when I offered to put together and style a shoot in New York earlier this year. We agreed that it would be great to have a model like Oraine to be the first black model on the cover because of his strong body of work, and just went for it.

He looks like Daniel Boone.

I guess the American Style goes with that.

he is very pretty and i admire DOM for picking him as cover model (as a black man) for the edition of june (month of the gay pride and all media attention..) because we know brazilians are VERY racist. they could`ve picked a blond bitch and the sales would be bigger.

just saying.

* would've been bigger......

Oraine is super hot. Major in more than one way. Look forward to getting this.

Congrats to DOM!

You have REALLY lived up to your words over the past few months! You said many months ago that you cared about diversity and would be posting Black and Ethnic models whenever you got pics of them. I guess you didn't get many pics so you took charge.


Whether or not DOM has printed fotos of black and ethnic men is beside the point. What is always sad is that Made in Brasil rarely does. Considering Brasil's afro-heritage and indigenous heritage, it is remarkable that very seldom do non-white men appear here. I love Made in Brasil and it is the highlight always of my time on the Internet. But, the lack of black and ethnic men is annoying.

Now,having expressed my opinion, let's get to the heart of the matter: how does one subscribe to DOM or get a copy of this particular issue?

How offensive is it that a magazine would feigned its to out a black model on the cover and retouch the picture to take out Mr. Barrett's facial scar which part of who he is? For what reasons would the editors of DOM want to perpetuate this lie?
I have work with Mr. Barrett before and after his scar, and in either case i publish his pictures as he is. That's a minimum respect for him and at least that should be a minimum respect not shown by the DOM editors

Long Nguyen
Flaunt Magazine

Made in Brazil posts what it gets! I've been a viewer and writer at this blog for almost two years now, and the black and white issue has appeared numerously. As a black American who has traveled to Brazil innumerable times during the past eight years-- the magazine covers as well as other media and work in general mirrors the Brazilian society per se. A person of color is NOT given her/his due place in society. It's the USA some years ago although that situation has not rectified itself fully either. So wake up all of you who have had your head in the sands and are continuing NOT to acknowledge the pervasive racism in the two countries/ cultures: (USA) American and Brazilian. It's time to allow individuals of color their rightful and due place in all facets of the society in which they reside!

Thanks "Q" for your response, too!

Just picked up a copy today and the scar is there, and in every page of the editorial. It is just a bit softened on the cover because of the lighting.

The folks at DOM should be proud of having Oraine on the cover! He is definitely blessed the cover of the magazine. Color should not be an issue. Fashion is art and should be colorful.

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