Jesus Storms Out Of Interview In Argentina

Not very cool: earlier this week in Argentina Jesus Luz walked out of an interview with Soledad Villarreal as soon as she asked him about his love life.

Jesus is confirmed at the Dolce & Gabbana show in Milan this weekend.


Honestly! What is the big deal about this kid. I dont even know why people bother with him....i guess being Madonna's bitch is getting to

Like the T.V host said "that is a total lack of respect" . And the way he touched in the leg Soledad Villareal like if she were some random guy...very Rude.
Who the fuck do he think he is? Naomi Campbell?
Not even real celebritys do that kind of rude things in interviews
The guy is jerk

what you guys want the kid to do? he obviously can't talk about madonna and had agreed to do the interview on such condition, the interviewer tried to be clever about it and sort of ask it anyway and then her college bitched about jesus getting upset - for a reason.

jesus storming out of an interview might not be cool but neither is brazilians having zero support for their countryman who has gotten a little lucky. the comments about jesus here don't give very nice picture of the otherwise jovial nation.

The interviewer was being a bi**h. I am sure she was instructed not to ask such questions. I don't like Jesus Luz very much, but I have to admit that, under pressure, I would probably do the same thing as he did. I repeat, the interviewer was disrespectful, a total bi**h.

Sam, please don't go and criticize brazilians like that. i agree with you that he had the right to get out of there when the terms that were agreed to before were not respected, but honestly he should've just stayed away from interviews all together. I mean, why else would they want to talk to him instead of any other model if it werent for madonna? And it's not that we can't give support to someone who has gotten lucky. Brazilians are all over Gisele Bündchen and Fernando Meirelles for instance. This is a matter of merit. He doesn't deserve the campaigns he's getting. He's just a good looking model who caught the eye of someone very famous and extremelly well connected. It was said somewhere, i think it was in his interview to brazilian tv, that he wasn't the model originally chosen for the W editorial. Madonna picked him herself. This was about sex from the beginning

Irrespective of whether the interviewer was a "bitch" or not ... It's still imperative that you conduct yourself in professional manner. If he had half a brain [or personality] he could have just laughed it off & come up with a smart line as a response. The thing is, news travels fast [especially in fashion] & if he's difficult to work with then he wont be working for much longer ... People in the industry don't put up with diva models, if he's gonna act like a douche then he'll be gone tomorrow ... All these reports make it seem like he needs brought down a peg or two ... & Europe will be the place to do it ... while he's in Milan right now he's a tiny small fish in a very large pond.

ok, he migth not be the best model there is, but, i support his way of dealing with the press. All the people want to know is about Madonna, of course. Even if werent any agree with Madonna, he has every right to not talk about private matters. So, there's no reason to get bitchy about his reaction.

Besides, his reaction in the moment she asks about personal issues seems to lead that they had a previous agreement of not bringing that kind of thing up.

Publicity stunt? For both? Fame seems to have no standards for quality or conduct, only conspicuousness. It's a shame for anyone to go looking for it without understanding.

he was nice on the interview and even to the end. and the interviewer understood it and was content. the commentator is trying to make something out of nothing. "Bad, bad.." what is bad is that after having conceded to an interview after certain terms she decides to break that. "Bad" to that.

Well many model agencys teach their models how to behave in public,in México for example the agencies also sent the models to neutralization classes(so they can speak spanish without foreign accents and be able to do tv ads) and also english classes.Now Jesus is like the "it boy" right now he should know how to behave in a interview(he should know that always people is going to ask him about Madonna cause there is not anything else you could ask him...Hey Jesus how's the weather in brazil?!),always smiling and if the question is out of place gently decline it and keep going with the interview.Of course the interviewer was a bitch that's what they get paid for to get the answers!
But there is not justification to Jesus reaction he is not some random guy that they pick up at some mall or on the street,he is a model and as a "profesional" model who get big modeling jobs,He knows what to do and how to do it.But i think that right know he thinks he already made it (probably he thinks he is the male version of Gisele...of course Gisele is a profesional model and very down to earth woman who would never do such thing in an interview) I hope just heis enjoying every moment of his 15 minutes of fame...cause It won't last long

Stop sensationalizing. That is hardly "storming out". He declined to answer, said goodbye and left the set.

While I am happy to see that his career is going well, this incident was by far one of the least professional and childish acts I've seen by someone so new to the scene. If he was uncomfortable talking about that or didn't want to speak about that he should have said that politely as opposed to storming off like a child. I look forward to the end of his 15 minutes of fame. There are many Brazilian models who have had much bigger and durable careers, Miro Moreira for example, that are class acts and didn't get into the business because of whom they were sleeping with. He's lucky the program is even giving him the press.

He speaks Portuguese. She is supposed to speak Spanish. Quite similar languages. Why the heck they're talking in English? LOL

This interviewer reminds me of another b----, Perez Hilton. Maybe they should get married to each other.

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