Jesus In Chains

Here is a preview of the spread with Jesus Luz shot by Tom Munro for the cover of magazine Joyce Pascowitch. Say what you want to say, but the boy looks good with horns.


The spread was art directed by Giovanni Bianco and styled by designer Alexandre Herchcovitch. View another image and a making of video after the jump.


All images via Revista Joyce Pascowitch. Click here for a making of video of the shoot.


I don't think he is a good model. He can't change the facial expression. He always makes the same pose with his body.

The appearance or at least hint of a third "horn" would make this photo shoot more interesting.

Jesus Luz is so fascinating, he seems much more like a fictional character than a real person. Albeit this fictional character is something like "Zoolander", a comment was made earlier about his evidence of the power of media and sex.

As with music, it's not always the most talented that make it to the top. And that Mickey Mouse photo is just scary.

Horrible pictures.

He looks quite alluring and sexy in the last foto. I have always admired and lusted those lips and mouth of his!

Leave it to Alexandre Herchcovich to ruin such a hunk as JL. Which goes to show that São Paulo and Rio just don't mix.

He has one facial expression. Was he thinking of Madge during the pictorial?

pretty boy but scary model.

Nice photos. #3 is the best in my amateur opinion. Love his unshaven & untrimmed pits. His abs & chest look awesome!

I do not think he is that great good looking. Take the eyes away and he is nothing. Better Brasileiros out there! Not to mention he is secretly dating stephen klein the photographer so no madonna.


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