Jesus In Buenos Aires, Miro Moreira, The CFDA Awards, And Shakira

  • Jl061609 After spending the weekend in Rio, Jesus Luz flew to Buenos Aires yesterday to shoot the new campaign for Argentine clothing line Ona Saez. He will be back in São Paulo tomorrow for the Colcci spring show at SPFW, in which he will be sharing the spotlight with Gisele and actor Rodrigo Hilbert. Rumor has it that Jesus requested a private dressing room for tomorrow night's show, that he will not be talking to the press, and that his paycheck will be around R$100K for two exits on the runway. After the show, Jesus is flying to Milan for the men's collections.
  • La Bündchen's covers underperform on newsstands.
  • Model Miro Moreira's sexuality is questioned on the Brazilian reality series A Fazenda.
  • Bruno does GQ's first nude cover.
  • All about last night's 2009 CFDA Awards.
  • View pictures of LA Pride in West Hollywood.
  • Justin Timberlake gives you a taste of Brazil.
  • Beyoncé released the video for Broken-Hearted Girl
  • Shakira launched a viral campaign to promote her new single She Wolf. Stay tuned for updates at The She Wolf Hunter.

Update: Papel Pop has posted exclusive pictures of Jesus partying with trannies in Argentina last night.


it´s ona saez

Now I know what I dislike about Jeus Luz:the attitude.He has this kind of expression,that screams"i'm superior,i'm the best".
Strange,there are really-down-to-earth brazilian models,and they're big names,because they work hard and they deserve what they get.

A private dressing room? He better get that knocked out of him before he arrives in Milan for the shows b/c as far as they're concerned he's no different to any of the other guys ... Try to give the Italians or the French attitude & he's in for a shock! Is he trying to alienate himself from the other models? At the end of the day those are the guys & girls he's going to be on shoots with. His agents should be reading him the riot act! It's unusual, within the industry Brazilians are generally known for their chilled, likeable, upbeat personalities ... Think he's trying to tarnish that stereotype!

Would someone be so kind to translate into English the article questioning Miro's sexuality? A few key points would be fine so that we could get the gist of the article. Thank you.

If reported is true, it puzzling Jesus is STILL getting all this publicity and work despite is lack of modeling talent, honest work ethics and particularly with that diva attitude of his.

Jesus may crash and burn all on his own.

Miro at "A Fazenda" and Gianechini ( at phone vote for Babi out off reality show. Acid! :P

The problem with Jesus is that he has no charisma. Just a blank stare. There's no fire and no heat. He has no magnetism. He photographs two-dimensional. And he is very unsexy. I mean, I know he's doing better than me these days (Madonna, trips here and there, modeling assignments, etc.) and I shouldn't be so critical, but Jesus simply has no spark. Instead of an 8x10 glossy type of model, he's an 8x10 matte model. Dull.

For God Sake.... Jesus look like a girl. To have him with Giselle in the same run away was the clear proof that "money talks" ... I believe that everybody got enough of this boy, seriously.

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