From São Paulo To Milan


Jesus Luz was not only the second exit at the Dolce & Gabbana spring 2010 show today in Milan, but he also was the first model to come out in a tuxedo at the end of the show. Watch the entire show in the video below.

View a picture of Jesus with the designers after the jump.


Picture courtesy of Ford Models.


That smug look on his face is so annoying.

Second exit means nothing! It's all about who opens & closes ...

He looks OK after trimming the beard, putting a lot of make-up, and receiving a lot of photoshop treatments.

Wow, he looks amazing without pants. :)

Its just me, but D&G put Jesus dressed like Gigolo on the runway? Lol

Oh, look, Elijah Wood walking for Dolce&Gabbana

My God.
Que homem feio é esse que Lady Madonna invocou. E pior, bobão! Inacreditável! Ele trota na passarela, e gordo!

Sorry...he is soooooooooo gay and insecure!!!!!!!!!!

"...what u need is a big strong hand to lift you to a higher ground..."

she knows what to say.

To hell with huh! Can't walk to save her life.

It's all about Andre. (And David Gandy.)

Esse garoto não sabe desfilar, não é modelo de passarela e não tem presença! Que injustiça para com os outros modelos...e a mídia não deveria dar tanta atenção a quem não merece...chega de Jesus Luz!

Jesus is apparently trying to look like his hero "Rocky", whose image appears on his T-shirt.

First of all, I don't find him attractive. He has an annoying face.

Second of all, HE CAN'T WALK. Clearly these fashion houses only hired him to get more press, just like this blog just did.

I am tired of him, GO AWAY

Why so many haters? It's like this boy has won the lottery - a lottery he didn't buy a ticket for and didn't even know he was playing. He didn't ask Madonna to swoop down and pluck him from obscurity. And now that she has, is he supposed to refuse the job offers that come his way? Even granting what his detractors say, that 99% of models are better looking than he is, that still means that he is better looking than 99% of the rest of us. And I know it's sacrilege to say it on a site like this, but fashion and second exits and who walks down which runway really aren't important in the real world; they don't save a live or cure the sick or feed a starving child or broaden a mind or uplift a spirit. It's just the rag trade, trying to make a buck by selling clothes in a store.

Can't figure it out. NO charisma, no style, dead eyes. I mean, he's doing lots better than I am with his life and I wish him success, but there are so many other Brasilian men who should be doing this.

Que Jesus Luz o que?????
As bolsas carteira pra homem foi o hit do desfile!!!!
FI-NAL-MEN-TEEEE!!! Agora só falta turbante bem anos 70 e salto alto.

The more i look at him the more i think he looks like Madonna

Oh, boo-hoo Jack! So Jesus isn't liked, get over it. Did it ever occur to you that the money made in fashion could help to do all of the things you mentioned? Fact is Jesus is simply not a good model and will never be, and would never have had the chance to expose his faults to the world without Madonna's help. All of those people who previously ignored him were on to something. He might even have been better off that way, but Madonna had to think between her legs!

Jesus who?


While all the conventional wisdom of the fashion industry isn't always correct (esp in the area of starvation-thinness as a rule), there ARE certain basic concepts of modeling on a runway that apply and are reasonable. Jesus Luz patently does NOT below on a runway. Period. He can't walk properly. His facial expressions are off-putting and out of sync with the clothes, the other models and even sometimes the tone of the music. And his looks are just too off the mark in general. He doesn't fit. Perhaps in some editorials he does fit -- the spread that made him famous was iconic, but only because his more wild and sort of shaggy Brazilian looks clashed beautifully with Madonna's creamy, stylized chic-out-of-kilter combination of chic desperation. But fitting into one concept does not a supermodel make, dearie. It just doesn't. Jesus Luz was making peanuts before he slept with Madonna because that's how much he was worth on his merit. He has gotten these other chances largely because of Steven Klein's championing him. But he is still worth peanuts on the merits.

Sadly, that's it. It's as if Susan Boyle could never hit a note again after her audition. It's cringe-worthy.

Ugh just watched the D&G video. The boy walks like a gorilla. *covers face*

Lol, I agree with one of the comments that he looks more and more like Madonna...

I don't understand the appeal to this guy at all... he looks soooo lifeless!

he is a beautiful young man - period
not the best runway model - but who really cares about that

HATERS! I am with Jack…. why do so many of the commenters hate Jesus? He is not the best model, but he certainly isn’t the worst. His walk is not perfect (yet), but there were other models on that runway with worse. Some were hunched over. His facial expression was no different than any of other models on the runaway.

I do not understand why all the hate. The commenters act as if they are offering professional critiques, but their “advice” was NOT professional at all. The negative comments come across as jealousy… but what are you jealous of?

Jesus is making it happen. When his phone rings, he is taking the offers that come his way. His bank account is swelling… & I am sure so is his ego. I am not mad at him. Keep on! Keep moving! Keep on modeling! Keep on doing whatever!

He looked good in the tux. He looked good in the swimsuit/underwear. He is attractive …as MANY Brazilian men are. Go Jesus! And, every time a hater puts you down, rise above! Just hum the Jill Scott song “Hate on Me.”

Gee you are all so harsh. He is very handsome and looks fine with the others. Men walking on runway is hardly a great skill. He's pleased a fabulous woman, by the way. He has beautiful hair, a manly chin, a delicous body, some feminine and masculine traits mixed up in his allure. He looks sweet, and not pretentious.

Brailian men must be the most beautiful on earth...why the this bitch!!?? he's not hot...he's weird...I can not believe D&G have done is so obvious!!! Let's launch a new blog, "I totally hate jesus whoever.blogspot"

"Jack" - Big salute from me to you! As you have so succinctly put it, who gives a BFWhoop? Jesus is cute, but not THAT cute. You are right - my life and that of several others does not hinge on who hits the runway first or what the F*** they're wearing. It's always all about the Benji's. If suddenly they lost every dime I wouldn't shed a tear - but, like so many others do and can - I would help who I could with what I have. I know I'm not alone. Too bad the self-serving Fwads can't put as much effort, energy, and nail-biting into helping hungry and homeless people as they do pissing their collective pants to make sure each runway monkey is just "perfect"! They should all lift their D&G sunglsses for two minutes and take a real look around.

I wasn't defending the boy or his talents as a runway model. I don't know anything about the craft and technique of runway modeling. It just seems to me that all the negative comments about him are misdirected. If he truly doesn't belong on a runway, shouldn't you fault the designers and clothing companies who are booking him to cynically capitalize on his connection with Madonna? And shouldn't you criticize Madonna herself, a woman in her 50s cynically using a guy less than half her age to bolster her image as a sex goddess? When I see that blank stare of his, I think here's a poor boy who's got a tiger by the tail and he's just trying to hold on for dear life to keep from getting eaten.

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