Count On Kris Van Assche For A Show Full Of Brazilian Boys




Sometimes I feel Kris Van Assche may read Made In Brazil.

From top to bottom, left to right: Max Motta, Marlon Teixeira, Thiago Santos, Sven Guhle, Reinaldo Berthoti, Thomaz de Oliveira, Bruce Machado, and Ed Marquezini.

I have a feeling there were more Brazilian new faces in the Kris Van Assche show than the ones posted above, so if you can id them please let me know.


I read your blog and would love to contact you. Please email me.

Although I like the clothes in the pics that are here, they do look more like costumes than what one would wear under ordinary conditions. Would something like this be worn to special affairs like the opera, Broadway openings? Or are these garments designed and meant to be worn to parties of men?

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