Una Notte A Roma


André Ziehe photographed by Domenico Cennamo. More after the jump.





I really wish André were coming to Brazil for the shows in Rio and São Paulo this season.


He doesn't need to do shows in Brazil. It's important to be in Europe for June & July ... The clients in Europe are far more important than the clients in Brazil for a models career ... Especially when you're at the level Andre is at.

The blogger has selfish reasons for wanting Andre in Brazil. It is understandable...who wouldn't want to meet Andre in person? He is lovely, devastatingly beautiful, and also gay. Complete package.

André Ziehe nunca esteve tão hot.

He is not gay. Sorry to inform you.

He´s gay??? How would you know???
Andre is drop dead GorGeous

This group shows an originality that I wouldn't have expected after the first shot. It doesn't hurt that the model has a sensuality that just seems to reach out and grabs you.

I know André, and he is definitely NOT gay.

Worked with him in Milan [more than once] & he's definitely not gay ... Seriously, why do people comment about things they know nothing about?

I was just teasing you guys!

I'm not gay!

Why isn't anyone rushing to Miro Moreira's defence?

Beautiful shots, Andre is a dream come true

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