This Week's Dose Of Edilson


Edilson Nascimento is featured in Booklet magazine photographed by Marcio del Nero. View more images from the spread after the jump.







All pictures at Made In Brazil courtesy of Marcio del Nero.


Always great.

Fans of MIB can NEVER get enough Edilson!! Be still my heart!

speak for yourself Mark, i have Edilson burnout

OFMG that was the hottest EVER! I mean it! i just forgot how to breathe a sec ago! may God bless me with a man like that

this guy is working his ass off.
his ass never looked better, btw.

Burn out? NO WAY!!! You could post pictures of him everyday and I'd still want more. Same with pictures of Duda Nagel - not enough of them lately.
Edilson Nascimento just seem to get better all the time. Does anybody know how old he is?

he's so sexy, he's been very busy lately... he needs to come to north america for a bit

Edilson was born April 1, 1986 in Joao Pessoa, Brazil so he is now 23 years old. I sent him a birthday card via his modeling agency in New York, but never received any response. They were either swamped with cards, or perhaps they just discard fan mail on a regular basis.

Seriously ... Him & Carlos Freire are never dressed! They definitely are NOT fashion models.

What Are You Complaining About?

Seriously ... Him & Carlos Freire and now Jean Carlos too are never dressed! They definitely are NOT fashion models. Now Jean Carlos is going to the same way.

It certainly seems, you have some intimate knowledge about Edilson. If we mention your name to you, I'm sure he will remember you, too---LOL---.

Edilson Nascimento is very handsome....

Hey, if you are burned out of Edilson... do not look at the photos!! You can move on without the ones that can't get enough being denied!

Also,the ones worried about anyone building a shrine for Edilson needs to worry why they want to tear the guy down!!

Enjoy or or leave it.... this is for entertainment purposes... he is not running for elected office!

Actually, Andrea, Edilson has done quite a bit of fashion modeling for Aeropostale here in the USA. Just go to and click around the guys section of the website. You will find several pictures of Edilson modeling clothing designed for teens. Although he is no longer a teenager, he looks young enough in these photos to pull it off. Also, if you sign-up for e-mails from Aeropostale, you will receive a nice, G-rated picture of Edilson in your inbox every few days modeling T-shirts, shorts, etc. with some other models.

Ohhh, Edilson!!! Always hot, my favorite!!

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