Stalking Jesus Luz


Leaving a party at Hotel Fasano last night in Rio.

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He is not ugly but bot handsome either,the only diference between him and any other taxi boy from the street is that he is with Madonna...

Here we go again!

He looks like a mutant or latin version of Frodo Baggins.


Lucius lighten-up! I generally agree with you, but I think you're being a little too harsh on Jesus. These photos are not very complimentary to him either, but none of us look very good when we are unexpectedly photograghed in unusual places with poor lighting. The question you have to ask yourself, I guess, is would you sleep with this guy if the opportunity arose? I would have to answer YES, YES, YES!

Well I've read an interview he made..ok he's young but reading Deepak Chopra sound retarded to me.Or maybe Madonna is a bad teacher,this spiritual crap is not like thinking with your own mind.
And he doesn't seems very comfortable in front of the camera(not in the candid,I mean as a model)

Um, isn't it time we put a wrap on this guy and move on?

Well, of course I would sleep with him!

Oh, its Jesus back to his hustling ways? work that gay pose honey.

Call me when you're ready to DJ.


U guys shows every day guys a LOT hotter and more interesting than him... yeah, it's time to move on... I love Maddona but wouldn't be liking her every step. Put this guy to rest please (btw those last shots are horrible, is him that bad looking and every good picture just a photoshop I wonder)

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