Spring 2010 Show Cards From Joy


With models such as Ricardo Merini, Igor Medeiros, Nicolas Figueras, and Thiago Mann, the new Joy Model Management seriously has one of the best casting of boys this season in Brazil. View more show cards after the jump.










The female casting this season includes the likes of Alane Souza, Bianca Ruiz, Camila Koch, Eduarda Jardim, Ingrid, Loris Kraemerh, Luana Locks, Marillia de Paris, Naiane Wyteck, Renata Fialkoski, Rojane, Viviane Spielmann, Siri Tollerod, and Anastasija Kondratjeva.

For more information, visit Joy Model Management.


Can you please send all the boys to my home, for the weekend? I want to have a private party with them.

the boys are great ... but this agency has no originality .. is the same design and color of the agency viva paris ...

Joy is Viva in Brazil.

Not so fast, Lucius. I'm sending a private plane down there to scoop them all up and bring them to New York for awhile!

"Joy is Viva in Brazil"

Isn't it the Milan Joy with offices in Brazil?

Milan Joy used to be really good, male only ... They represented most of the top guys & then something happened and all the guys left to Why Not, Fashion, Beatrice, D Management etc... & Joy was left with a rubbish board & is now one of the lesser known agencies in Milan. Interesting that they have opened up in Brazil.

Meaning the agency which used to be Viva in Brazil switched to Joy about six months ago. Same casting and bookers from Viva Brazil, just a different name.

Joy is one thing and Viva is other. I think they are no longer Viva why they still use the card design of Viva.
they are Joy but they still wanted to be Viva.
they are no longer Viva for a year.
but the models are amazing ... and I think they have to be proud of joy ;...since they represent in Milan models like Toni Garn and Siri.

"since they represent in Milan models like Toni Garn and Siri"

Perhaps, but it's only recently that they've represented girls ... In Milan they are historically a male only agency & were good until a few years ago when basically all of their models left & they were left with an awful board ... Ever since then Fashion, Why Not, Beatrice, D Management, Future & lately L'Uomo Elite are the top male agencies in Milan - Joy doesn't even rate.

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