Speedo Sundays: Renato Ferreira By Vicente de Paulo (Part II)


As promised last week, here is the second part of the Portfolio MIB with newcomer Renato Ferreira, shot entirely in swimsuits of course.

View the entire spread at: Renato Ferreira By Vicente de Paulo (Part II)


THAT'S HOT. bitch is definitely packing. that's why he is going to succeed!

the ass pic is fantastic! thanks for those!

Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! Perfect pecs, abs, arms, facial bone structure, eyes, smooth skin, the whole "package". A rising star to be sure. Perhaps the next Edilson?

is there a part 3?

wow. he is damn gorgeous.

but he is "porn star" cute and not "model" cute.

BEAUTITFUL! To those who say he is too ordinary looking, I would like to live where you live - where men of his caliber are ordinary. Ah no, I prefer to stay here & KNOW Renaldo is NOT ordinary. He is EXTRAORDINARY! His face is beautiful. His body is perfection! I look forward to seeing MUCH more of him. I pray his career is extraordinarily successful.

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