Speedo Sundays


25-year-old Eduardo Tesch is the latest model to pose for Terra's The Boy .



All pictures by Felipe Lessa. To view the entire spread, visit Terra's The Boy.

Eduardo Tesch is represented by Ragazzo Model Management.


is it me or he's the spitting image of tom cruise?

is it me, or is he a little excited in the main picture?

We can clearly see his tool in the first picture.

His butt is flat.

i dont know about him, but i certainly am!

I agree with you Manny, he seems quite excited. He's quite yummy! Check out the main website for him.

Tom Cruise has a MUCH larger ass

so hott, the first pic is very revealing!!!

Yes, "the first picture is very revealing!!!" I see this particular pic caught the eye of a few here! -:)

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