Shot At The Sticky & Sweet Tour Last December


You may remember that I mentioned back in December that Steven Klein shot Michelle Alves for Vogue Brazil right before one of the Sticky & Sweet Tour concerts in São Paulo. The story was supposed to be out in March but ended up making the cover of the May issue. It is the most interesting and remarkable Vogue Brazil cover I have seen in a very long time, and I wish the magazine would start heading more towards that direction when it comes to cover choices.

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Are you sure you like this cover? The idea is very good but the photoshop here is hideous and too fake... and is this Michelle Alves? Not sure too much treatment on this cover..

Most of the time I agree with you in many of your comments but I have to disagree this time.

Brazil has gorgeous models, talented people behind fashion but when it comes to styling, Brazilian editorial is weak.

This model looks terrible and I didn't even like the clothes. I loved the concept but when the other stuff doesn't work not even Steven Klein can save it.

Plastic, plastic,plastic!

I am not a fan of the styling at all, but I love the fact that it is directional and bold, and it is not shot on white seamless as usual.

this is awful....
Brazilian Vogue needs to wake up and start producing more !!!!
we have a gorgeous country, gorgeous models and crative, innovative people! stop trying to be safe Vogue Brasil, stop trying to mimic what your big sisters in the US and France do... be yourself! be unique! BECOME BRAZILIAN, and I am sure it will be a much better magazine!!!!
in another words....

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