Rehearsals Footage From Do Começo Ao Fim

Yesterday I posted the trailer of a controversial new movie called Do Começo Ao Fim (or From Beginning To End) which is making the rounds on Brazilian gay blogs. Here is another teaser from the movie with some pretty steamy footage from the rehearsals of the two leading actors.

I seriously cannot wait to hear more about this movie.

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tô locka

I am on the fence on how I feel about this movie, having a younger brother myself. I find it to be very disturbing, yet turned on by the older actors portraying the main characters. It's extremely controversial and it should be a big success. I hope they air it in Miami,fl where I'm from.

Adeus Cuties!

Geez, I wish I hadn't seen it so early. What's gonna be of the rest of my year? LOL

I love when art pushes boundaries this way. The trailor is beautiful and very intriging...of course the adult actors are HOT.

I can't wait to see this.

I wanted to watch the latest teaser from the movie that you had posted, but the video window says "Sorry, this video has been deleted." The time now is 12:45am on May 9, 2009 and I am in New York State. What happened?

oh shoot, the video is down, is there another link somewhere?

The new video he posted above is now working properly, people! it's from youtube. ;-)

I wonder if it will make it rounds here to the States.

im going gaga over the rehearsal video:) i cant wait to see this film!

speaking of gay love have you guys seen this video by adrian lux entitled "Can't Sleep"? The music is fantastic and the video is simple but it packs a punch!

Amazing. I cannot wait to see this film!

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