Outtakes From The Portfolio With Jean Carlos


As promised yesterday, here are the studio outtakes from the exclusive portfolio shot by Fabien Montique and posted on Wednesday.







View the entire spread at: Jean Carlos By Fabien Montique (Portfolio MIB)

All images copyright Fabien Montique and Made In Brazil.


WOW! That top photo is incredibly sexy!!

Personally I find him very sexy.He looks like a Greek mythological God!Not Adonis but maybe Jason or Telemark perhaps, according to one's fantasy.

Oops before I get flack, I think Jason and Telemark weren't outright Gods but part of Greek myhtology.Oh you guys know what I mean.Personally I can't take my eyes off him.

He's hot - but the fact that he's got a cigarette in his mouth just ruins it all - when will photographers stop trying to use it as a sexy prop!

Get real people - it kills

Indeed, the top photo is FREAKIN' HOT!

He is so classy.

The cigarette was not sexy.

he's really sexy, the cig not so much but there's something about him

Cigarettes were sexy in 1940's movies but not anymore. This guy doesn't need any props to help him. Jean exudes sexiness naturally.

the guy is incredibly sexy, the cig is a huge turn-off, otoh jean carlos looks like he wants to just spit it out, or maybe it's just me wanting to see things?

but c'mon, smoking is such a turn-off, who wants to kiss an ashtray no matter how fine it looks?? pls everyone just move on to the this millennium already...

Cigarette Nazis should keep their opinions to themselves - It's a free world & most smokers are aware of the risks & don't need idiots like yourselves constantly reminding them! Have a good day ; )

...like his definition and overall look. He's stunningly attractive!!

That is the way a swimsuit should fit. Not to big and not to small.

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