New Portfolio: Renato Ferreira By Vicente de Paulo


Two weeks ago photographer Vicente de Paulo called me and asked me if I had seen polas of a new boy named Renato Ferreira. Turns out that the kid had started modeling not over a month ago, and had just shot with Testino. So I got together with Vicente when I was in Rio, and we put together a new portfolio for MIB with Renato.

All I am going to say is that Renato was a pleasure to work with, and needed very little direction in spite of this being only his fourth shoot. Bruce Weber will have a heart attack as soon as he sees this kid.

View the entire spread at: Renato Ferreira By Vicente de Paulo (Part I)

Special thanks to Vicente de Paulo for taking the time to shoot Renato for MIB. The result was so hot that I will be posting more on Friday.


I lost my breath.

The lighting, the makeup and the photoshop are first class. They did everything they could. But in my opinion the boy is not top material. Please don't get offended by this, but I think he looks a bit monkey-ish in some of the photos. He has a perfect body, but his face is not as good.

His body is orgasmic and he has a cute face but I checked his profile and it says that he is 6ft but he looks shorter! I mean, look at his femur muscles, taller models don't have that unless they're very disciplined in gym. OMFG, i'm so jealous!

The photos are great & Renato BEAUTIFUL. I thought so from the first time I saw him. I do not understand the negative comments about his face. His face is AMAZING. He is extremely handsome! And, of course his body is (those ab!!) spectacular! And, what perfect feet! Nice smile! Perfect!!!

Yes that's true, with young models you need to be able to identify exotic faces for the future. For example you look at marlon's face and it's somenthing you don't see everyday, henzo's face, luis alfonzo's...they are WOW!, but this boy.. for me he's too common, I mean nothing knew, nothing fresh...
Hot bodies come and go away very quickly, but boring and simple faces are forever, he's very very HOT but he's not, he is not a TOP!

Come-on Lucius, give the kid a break! He's beautiful! His face and body are perfect! Renato needs encouragement at this early stage in his career, not unjustified, negative comments. I'm sure Renato is reading all that is posted here. Let's be supportive of this gorgeous young man. Renato, I think you're great, and can't wait to see Part 2 of your porfolio! Note to MIB: Please entitle Part 2 of Renato's portfolio "RENATO'S REVENGE". Thank you.

I think he looks great, but his face looks very familiar. He kinda looks like an amalgamation of a few Czech models.

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