Meet Mr. Gay Minas Gerais

I had already posted a headshot of the 2009 Mr. Gay Minas Gerais Giovanni Rodrigues on Monday, but I figured I would share more of the promo pictures which hit my mailbox yesterday.



The 2009 Mr. Gay Brazil finals will take place on September 6.


he'll be awesome if he can pose without looking as if the ceiling is too low.

a ton of makeup and he still looks like that? no, thanks!

No. Not good.


As Rodney Dangerfield used to say: "Rough crowd, rough crowd!" Interesting choice of underwear in the third pic.

OMG, I'm from Minas Gerais, can't believe he is Mr. Minas Gerais, so embarrasing. The makeup and the eyebrows are kind funny in a creepy way. What about the pubic hair in the last pic? He's not a fan of Brazilian wax, that's for sure! Oh wait, he looks exactly like Sasha Montenegro, a Latin Drag Queen from Toronto, see it for yourself:

No matter...I'd rather see his mug anytime than the over-exposed Jesus de Madonna on this post.

is this guy really representing Minas, my state?? OMG with competitors like these, i could totally be in the finals if i had apllied =(

He's Hot but very ugly for a Mister.

He is not that bad looking.I am just pissed that yet again there are no black gays in this Mr Gay Brazil.............yet again acting like there are no blacks in Brazil.

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