Jesus Returns Home


Jesus Luz landed in Rio yesterday (sans Madonna of course). He will be spending a week in the country for meetings, and to celebrate his mother's birthday.

I have just heard that he posed for the new L'Officiel Hommes in Miami, and I can't wait to see the pictures.

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Where would you be without Madonna bitch!!!

I can't help think that this guy starting to look and act like he is gods gift to the world..... Sweeties you're f*cking a star... but you're not a blink of an eye it will be over, (also knowing Madonna's track record with playtoys) and he will again rejoin the ranks of a million other attractive Brazilian men....

bump it up...

He's so ugly!!!

What's with the jealousey and the bitterness here?! I don't see how he's acting like 'gods gift to the world'. It seems that he acts pretty normal. Get over your jealousy, people. Sheesh!

This guy just isn't model quality, guess that doesn't maker when you can bring attention (to the client) based on who you are dating. I'm not at all jealous, I love a good looking man. Which he is not.

True, these two photographs are not very complimentary to Jesus. But he has appeared in previous photos on this blog where I thought he looked pretty hot. He can't be too ugly if he has posed for the new "L'Officiel Hommes" in Miami. They're not idiots.

Somehow i agree with all you guys coincidentally.
I came to say that he reminds me of K-fed. in these pictures.
Note: is he a dancer or a model?

I've never understood the bitchiness toward Jesus.

Weird the hate I'm seein' here today. BTW, Jesus is a real sweetheart from what I am told, not egotistical or snobbish. He's a nice, likeable guy. He's doing OK with his life right now. Too bad some of the people who've been hatin' here can't do as well as Sr. Luz does.

Oh. Wrong Jesus. Sorry.

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