Jesus Is A DJ


Jesus Luz took over the DJ booth at nightclub Taj Lounge in Rio last night for his mother's 37th birthday. The 22-year-old model told gossip magazine Quem that he is just starting out as a DJ and still has a lot to learn, and will be spinning again in New York in two weeks.


Wait! His Mother is 37 & he's 22?


maybe its a typo, but its entirely possible

Is it a typo MIB? Please clarify because giving birth at age 15 is unusual but not impossible. I seem to recall another Jesus being born some 2000 years ago, whose mother was also believed to be approximately that same age.

8 + 7 = 15, so she was only 15, when he was born, damn think bout who could be his grandma

I'm older than his mother, and he's sleeping with a pop star that is almost 10 years older than me.

Only in Brazil.

Yess , and they also said his grand mother was 50 , i don't think these numbers are accurate .

Not a typo from my part. That is his mother's age as published by gossip magazine Quem.

I still don't see anything interesting about this guy...

Oh brother!.....not the creature from the Dawn of the Dead again!

Oh okay , so his grand mother must really be 50 , or maybe i got it mixed up with the other old lady in his life's age .

Well, it's good the boy learns a trade. Life will be rough A.M. (after Madonna). And, no, 15 years old and a mother is not unusual in Brasil or the southern U.S. or Appalachia or India or anywhere where the culture is machista and women are looked at more as possessions than as human beings. Whatever, I hope Jesus' mom had a great birthday and I hope he can make it in this world. He is young, he is good-looking and life awaits him. God bless him.

Nowadays, it is normal to have sex with your mother's girlfriends. But Jesus went further. He is having sex with his grandmother's girlfriends.

It is like Bud Cort and Ruth Gordon in "Harold and Maude". Life imitates art!

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