The Sexiest New Kid On The Block: Renato Ferreira


I think I have just found the new Brazilian model to take over the throne occupied by Carlos Freire and Edilson Nascimento: newcomer Renato Ferreira has just joined the cast of 40 Graus Models, and already shot with Mario Testino and Michael Roberts this week.


A behind-the-scenes look at his shoot with Michael Roberts is coming tomorrow.


he will be a star !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry Guys, this one doesn't look sexy to me. In my opinion, sexyness is all about the face, and Renato doesn't have it.

And these pictures don't do him justice, those at the 40 graus website are even better! Body to die for, gorgeous eyes.

He is gorgeous, but my little heart still beats faster for Carlinhos and Edilson!!




Not nearly as handsome as Carlos or Edilson ... & even Carlos & Edilson haven't reached the hallowed halls of high fashion ... They still are nowhere near Miro, Evandro, Joao, David J, Michael C, Marlon, Leo P etc... Once I see them on the runways of Milan I'll be able to take them seriously as "fashion models".

I see great things for this new "manboy" but I think that the gorgeous Carlos Freire is completely out of his league.

he's gonna be a nice looking guy, why not let him grow for a couple more years?

Ouch, Alessio. I understand what you mean, though.

His awesome body far exceeds his good, but average looks. Hope he succeeds, anyway!

You look great Renato
You are taking over "the throne" for sure!

I gotta say, the lack of facial expressions dissolves any wow factor. I was much more struck with Pablo Morais.

good-looking, but generic build and haircut.

Carlos and Edilson are not done yet. Just look at Edilson's latest work for!

I totally disagree with the negative comments above. Take a look at the HOT speedo shots just posted. Yummy Yummy Yummy! This guy will be a super star for sure and soon.

I like his body but not his face at all!

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