Speedo Sundays


25-year-old Thiago Vieira is the latest addition to Terra's The Boy series, photographed by Didio. View the entire spread with the model here.


nice pics, thanks. amazing body! the guy could be more cute though...just cut the head, right? lol

WOW! Amazing body! I think u should do a post on how these men get their body to such perfection. I really have to get to Brazil! Your site is helping Brazil's tourism industry.

I am absolutely in LOVE with this man! Any chance we can see the more revealing shots?

Nossa, isso website mostra o brasil playbozinho. Tem muito garotos morenos e negros no brasil tambem.

This website only shows a diluted European aesthetic of Brasil. Go and see the reality. Unless you are just pandering to a eurocentric homo-chic crowd?

He's GORGEOUS, face AND body.

I love his smile. so damn cute!

You ain't seen nothing yet until you check out his nude pics!!!

Love the pics and video. But why is it always speedos or even greater coverage? How about something a little more revealing? Or better yet, nothing at all!

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