Not A Test Shot From The New Dolce & Gabbana Campaign


Thanks to Papel Pop and Daniel de Castro Sarmento, Made In Brazil got a hold of some never before seen images of Jesus Luz working it for the camera latin lover style. While I am not entirely sure if this was a test shot or not, the pictures were certainly taken after Jesus met Madonna and started studying Kabbalah because he is wearing a red string on his left wrist. It is also pretty clear to me now why Steven Klein photographed him either from the back or half naked for the much talked about Blame It On Rio spread W magazine. The modeling skills here are still a little on the Zoolander side.

More pictures after the jump.



If the Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton campaign rumors are true, Jesus is going to need a miracle to deliver a lot more than he did in the pictures above.

Pictures courtesy of Papel Pop and Daniel de Castro Sarmento. Do not repost without a link to the original.


YUK! So over that Madonna coat-tail hitchhiker.

He's still very new, maybe he will get better.

He's so hot, especially with his clothes off.


i don't care bout Madonna ... he is great

No doubt he is beautiful, but he is definetely not versatile or that interesting btw. He looks so stereotypical and cheesy in those. the background and style of the photos sorta looks like a versce campaign, which i desperately hope he won't get, or louis vuitton

i could careless about him

That's some bad lighting!

He Slept with Madonna? This guy is gay written all over him.

That is pretty evident im agree with you James M, probably he's "straight-for pay"
anyway the whole stereotypical prostituto lantin lover look is kind of insulting for all latin people(talking about people who lives in countrys considered latinos,sout an center america,spain,italy and portugal im not talking about race) it kind of reminds me Juanisimo from the Fairly odd parents

Without question he's a good looking guy but yawnnnnnnnn its too much zoolander.....can he anymore one dimensional....he's serving the same face /expression in EVERY lil sister's bratz doll has more!!!

Man! This is a tough crowd here!

@Mike Gotta agree with you.

Zoolander? I'm afraid I don't get it. I think there are some jealous people here. He does at least have very beautiful eyes. And perhaps he is gay BECAUSE he slept with Madonna!

Actually, his look is more of ¨Argentina gigolo¨than brazillian...Actually, he sucks ( don't know what, but he sucks,,,) Actually, seeing him makes me want to die! What ( besides Madonna) he does??? Or did?? I think he's the right kind of wrong guy...

Madonna is a lucky girl!

A lot of previous messages here reflect stupidity. Do you think that the neco-classicist D&G will run out of creativity in altering the images after allowing these test shots (READ: test shots) to enter the blogosphere?

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