More Evandro Soldati For DOM Magazine


I got a copy of the April issue of DOM magazine over the weekend, and I absolutely love it. The cover story with Evandro Soldati shot by Cristiano Madureira and styled by Heleno Manoel is one of my favorite editorials ever featured in the magazine. Unfortunately I cannot give it all away at this point, but I did scan a few images to share with you guys. View them after the jump.



The April issue of DOM with Evandro is already on Brazilian newsstands.


every single shoot he makes is unique. he has a funny, yet sexy and misterious face. I think hes like the male gisele

I LOVE him, he is on of my fav. models and models the heck out of a camera!

Horrible photos!! He looks like Jerry Lewis in the first photo.

Muito gostoso

I like the "stylish nerd" look.

e o negocio ,que e bem meu estilo de ver as coisas e gostar do visual e ficou bem.

Usually things go from bad to worse. With this set of photos it is just the opposite.

the first pic is my favourite!

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