Michael Roberts Hits The Jungle With Brazilian Boys


Vanity Fair's Michael Roberts turned models Caio Vaz and Leo San into native Brazilian Indians for the latest issue of Wish Report magazine. View more images from the spread after the jump.





All pictures by Michael Roberts with styling by Matheus Mazzafera, courtesy of 40 Graus Models.


This photo shoot is horrible.It epitomises blatant clichés about Brazil and her Amazonian culture.I would have thought Michael Robert's imagination was more fertile than this nonsense.Thumbs down for me.

the guys look nice

I think the guys look hot

I would have to agree with peek-a-boo, this really doesn't represent indigenous Brazilians. It just creates an Other based off perceptions of non-natives of an idealized past that serves to continue their marginalization in the present.

I agree with peek-a-boo and TJ. What was the point of this foto shoot? Besides, those two models look kind of like, um, I don't know--"savage twinks"? Although the last foto in the series could stand by itself as just a hot foto of a guy in a loin cloth. Anyway, "Emerald Forest" did it better.

Horrid. Very artificial and pointless spread. I am not a photographer, but I am sure I could do better than this.

A lame excuse for this photographer to get young men "out of their kit" as the Brits say. I have more respect for pornographers. At least they don't pretend, with pretentious themes, to be doing anything other than presenting male erotica.

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