Karaoke Night With Gianecchini And Miro Moreira


Actor Reynaldo Gianechini was spotted singing karaoke with models Miro Moreira and Gustavo Mendonça at a bar in São Paulo on Monday night. I am not making any assumptions here, but am I the only one getting a strong gay vibe from that picture? And it is not just because of the two Gucci belts.


I know there were rumors that Miro perhaps was gay ... I heard it from an associate of one of his agencies in Europe [Not naming which one!] ... Anyway, it's no big deal - he's still an amazing model & one of the most handsome that have come out of Brazil in my opinion.

Can't attractive men be stylish and comfortable being around each other without gay rumours, regardless of what Reynaldo's sexuality is? The Miro rumours seem like spite, and I don't know anything about Gustavo except his name.

Hopefully Reynaldo will one day feel comfortable to come out of the closet. Would be awesome to have someone with his popularity making gays more visible in Brasil.

God, how I want to be there, singing with them! Miro is so gorgeous!

Once I was in a store at Alameda Lorena (V.Rom), where the Gianechini and Marcos Mion were proving some clothes. I also felt that vibration gay!
Gianechini...I'm here! Call me! Bring the Miro to!

gay vibe yelling at the pic!!

Lol! Gian is not gay.
Why are you so sure about it?
IS it better to imagine he's gay to supply your desires? IS it?

How stupid is to judge peoples thru a picture!
I am seeing 3 gorgeous men having a ball, and that's all!

Who cares? O importante é que ele está feliz . Compra quem quer a atitude homofóbica dele. Adoro o Gustavo Mendonça acho ele um gato e Miro Moreira é muito barbie.

Hmmm. Despite his being gay, he's "still be an amazing model"? Not quite sure I understood that one. What if he wasn't gay?

Excuse me, did Miro himself or a reliable source say he was gay? No? We should be careful not to say he is then.

this photo is totally gay

Would it be 'totally gay' if it were a photo of three ok-looking men dressed the same way?

Well, let's be honest and agree that Gianecchini has been walking through the Gay alley since forever. Gustavo is the only one who's not gay (not that i know) in this picture. Look at them, all touching each other discretely (maybe not) and Giane's expression all shy and unconfortable with the camera right on their faces. They make a cute couple though.. the sex must be hot (or not)

I have a straight friend that touch me like this. He doesn't know, but it's excites me, but I know that he is not gay.

well, a few months ago Giane came to Curitiba and went to James Bar, there he was socializing with a beautiful gay guy... afterwards they went to giane's hotel... needless to say that all gay communiti heard about the wild night....

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