Finally Some New Pictures Of André Ziehe


From the spring 2009 campaign for Italian label Allencox. More after the jump.




View the entire Allencox spring/ summer 2009 catalog here.


the picture in the sea is an orgasm. y couldnt the other guy be shirtless? y do campaigns keep using two guys and a girl when two guys alone would sell the clothes just as well by being gay-friendly without being gay?

I think that other model would make such a cute couple with andré. andré has a gf right?

He is very masculine and cute. But I think he looks even better with longer hair.

He´s awesome! And his perfect body is such an inspiration! Congratulations to him!

André Ziehe is pure ORGASM! Ditto 'myself'!
I don't care if he has longer or short hair he's effing sexy and I have'nt seen a speedo that well filled up in a long time.Slurrrrp! That is truly a brazilian sexy man.

A real Italo-Brasileiro

With every shot in the Allencox catalog Andre blows the other models out of the frame. Awesome!

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