Couldn't Tyra Find An Actual Brazilian Guy?

I knew Tyra was bringing America's Next Top Model to Brazil this season since the finale was taped here back in December. What I did not know is that she would announce it by having a Portuguese guy show up in black speedos carrying Brazil nuts at the end of last week's show. Now you all know I do not mind seeing anyone in speedos, but couldn't the producers of the show actually find a Brazilian guy to carry the nuts? Judging from his accent, the guy hired is clearly from Portugal and not from Brazil, which made the whole announcement pretty ridiculous. I mean, I speak Brazilian Portuguese and not even I could understand what the guy freaking said.

And may I add that they could have at least booked a guy with a nice tan to represent Brazil? Seriously, that was beyond embarassing.


He was definately portuguese (I speak it, too).

I know !!

I was at my friends house and he's like oh what is he saying..

all I could understand was him saying PEZZZZ

and portuguese have that shh shh way to speak,

it was so stupid, as if they couldn't have Gisele or

at least Miro go there

Hey guys, thanks for exposing the 'Brazilian fraud' with your explanation and comments to one who is not knowledgeble with the language but love all things Brazilian.

Who cares, he was cute!

wtf, i didnt understand a word!

Portuguese models are cheaper??

I doubt Tyra picked this guy. I'm sure her no nothing producers had something to do with this. But this so is so stupid and redudant now. Been there done that gave away the crappy t-shirt. Tyra can be so annoying. She's always on. Trying to be funny and outrageous. Yawn.

well, lots of ppl here seem to think that it is pretty difficult even for you to find "a guy with a nice tan" to represent your country...

brazilian portuguese might be easier to understand, put the portuguese variant sounds way WAY more sexy. maybe that's the real reason they picked a portuguese guy?

lol, muito engraçado, principalmente na parte em que faz o convite para "o meu país"!
é de facto Português-Portugal. mas não fosse pelo sotaque, passaria fisicamente por alguém Brasileiro - pelo menos pela amostragem das fotos de "famosos" que vejo neste blog.
not very brasilienizer of Tyra though.

Sem falar na maracas, onde que a gente usa maracas assim gente! Muito estereotipado essa introdução ao pais, tive que voltar várias vezes pra entender o que o camrada estava falando. Big FAIL. Fiquei com vergonha alheia!

That's not a problem finding portuguese variant sexier, like Sam above does, but just do not present it like it's from Brazil. Go to Portugal and tape a show there, it's simple. The program was shot in Brazil, the guy was carrying brazilian nuts (actually do Pará, like we say here -- they just don't grow in Portugal), the whole thing was a fraud.

More Norte Americano ignorance. Anyway, the boy looks familiar, wish I knew his name.

The model's name is Hugo Vieira. When I saw the video clip, I was surprised, too, that ANTM didn't use a Brazilian model.

im portuguese. and ok i admitt it, this guy's way of speaking is not a very clear one even for me. but come on, models arent supposed to open their mouth, or maybe he was a bit shy. the problem brazilians say they 've got understanding portuguese people is to blame on brazilians not on us!! we understand u perfectly 100%. it's the same fu##kin language for god's sake!! only the accent is different! the same happens with regional differences of french, english, spanish, german, etc, etc. why dont u brazilian people try to open your ears for a change and start gettin used to our accent and turn your eyes to our country instead of only looking to america???. diversty is richness. not the opposite. i thought this website was more about broadness of mind???isnt what fashion and beauty are about?
ok the guy is not brazilian. but speaks portuguese. is that really serious? so many american actors play english characters and vice-versa. so stop being a ---##..


the boy looks Portuguese!

"meu paÌZZZZ!"

tha was funny!!

brazilians models are so hard to find!?!

tyra should call Madonna!


Hmm, I think Tyra needs to get a card from Made in Brazil, to let her how disapointed half of brazil in America is because she tried to fool everyone. If this had happened to Middle Eastern people, it just wouldn't be pretty. Im sure Tyra wouldnt appreciate it if someone was hired to be her doubled and Spoke like she is from Kenya. ....

hi! im from curitiba brazil, and maybe tyra's producers thought that there wasnt many problems pesenting a portuguese model as brazilian one cos like 50% of brazilian people descend from the portuguese. so probably portuguese male models ar VERY similar to brazilian white male models.

Ha! Everyone is so ridiculous ... IT'S A T.V SHOW!!!

This segement was filmed in L.A or N.Y ... The guy doesn't even look like a fashion model, it looks like they just got the 1st person that speaks Portuguese ... I don't see the big deal.

At the end of the day it's a crap T.V show, has never produced a successful model never mind 'Americas next top model' & is laughable. Geez, don't take it so seriously - It's frivolous entertainment!

Brazilian Portuguese or Portuguese Portuguese who cares..... he's kinda hot... so no biggie! It's the same language and i really can't understand why Brazilian people don't understand it.

p.s. AMO o seu blog. directamente de lisboa. ;)

Bizarre! O que é isso? Um neo-colonizador? Faça-me o favor! Nunca precisei...
E as maracas? Gente! Samba e salsa só coincidem nas duas primeiras letras... alguém avisa a esse pessoal, please!

Ok, it was not very clearly said no matter what kind of portuguese you speak...but I don't really think that that's important. The fact the guy was portuguese is ridiculous, and what's up with the maracas?? And to whoever said that Portugal-Portuguese is sexier, you probably have never heard it other than from this guy, cause it really isn't lol...desculpa para os portugueses mas sejamos francos o acento de vocês não é dos mais sensuais :p

I'm not up for America-bashing but Americans are bizarrly ignorant. They probably think Portugual is part of Brazil and that in Brazil they speak Spanish...

here is the model, hot guy. worked enough. some serious campaigns. kinda short.

sorry but that was ridiculous!!! crap tv show...did they really think no one was gonna notice that the guy was portuguese? and come on guys, there's no problem with the accent or how cute and tan he is...the whole point is that they were LYING and trying to fool their viewers!
and just a quick reminder, we brazilians sometimes find hard to understand even accents from different regions of brazil, that's so natural in many parts of the worlds and even with english itself. Take scottish english as example. besides, portuguese people are a lot more exposed to brazilian portuguese, with tv soap operas, than us to portuguese from portugal. but then again why are discussing languages?


Stupid producers wasting time and money that should be fired. They might as well have just got someone from mexico, it would have been cheaper! someone spanish speaking would have been clearer then this portuguese guy. And they must be fucking joking about the maracas? As a brazilian, I am not offended at all. The language barrier is not even the point. The problem is confusing two different countries and passing on ignorance to millions of viewers. This from a country that would never get a french speaking african to represent the french.

He is from Portugal. LOLOL

One of Leigh's and Louro's ignorant Norte Americano's has this comment. At least she could learn to pronounce Brasil correctly. I must be unique as as I know which country speaks which. I do think Tyra (or her staff) could have picked a more masculine individual, possibly of color, to represent the men of Brasil. And Fran, it does make a difference in where portuguese is spoken, Brasil of Portugal, kind of like the difference between an American speaks if there from Boston or Mississippi.

Good points, but how is Hugo not masculine? Because he's portuguese?

Well so she made and producers a BIG BIG MISTAKE but lets face it the Brazilian speak and talk PORTUGUESE so they are Portuguese......or they got the Language from where ......PORTUGAL we been there 500 years and they still can forget that......time for them to Move ON.

Though the Portuguese model looks nice, and for sure knows how to speak Portuguese, he is not Brazilian... even a guy from California would look the part better... nothing against Portuguese, but, seriously, this guy does not resembles a Brazilian... even if it was someone from Africa or Middle East... if he was not Brazilian or even did not look like one... American actors, when playing a Brittish character learn the way Brittish speak to look the part, like Renee Zelwegger did on Bridget Jones Diary!
Ana Elisa
Sao Paulo

They had to use a Portuguese male model...Brazilian male models tend to be

Off-topic for a moment, most Americans who have tried to play Brits look and sound foolish; it works better when Brits, as well as Aussies and kiwis play Americans. The problem with that episode of ANTM is that Hugo wasn't really acting out the part of a Brasilian guy, he was simply lying and saying that he was from Brazil. If the people who selected him had wanted him to act out the role of a Brasilian, they would have worked with him on his accent. They didn't, assuming no one would notice the difference- that's what made it so offensive. Hugo was probably put there by someone trying to promote his career.

whomever said "north american ignorance" is right on. as someone from Portugal i'm even annoyed at ANTM. no wonder north americans are confused. and i've had to literally say "no, portugal is in europe, not south america. no, portugal is not part of spain. no, they don't speak spanish in brasil and no, brasil is not close to mexico.")

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