Aren't They Lovely?

I am not a big fan of the new C&A Mother's Day commercial, but I will buy into any excuse to watch Caroline Trentini, Emanuela de Paula, and Alessandra Ambrósio in action together.

Btw, there are rumors going around that C&A may sign Raquel Zimmermann as soon as the contract with Caroline, Emanuela, and Alessandra expires in September.


The decisive question is: Why won't the heterosexist mass media, which you feel entitled to celebrate here, ever show boys and men in similar "action", showing affection to each other or just making "sexy" moves among themselves??? What you are supporting here is one of the main causes why young men are far, far away from being effectively free and equal in their discovery of their sexuality, i.e. from sexual freedom and self-determination. The heteronormative brainwashing, transported by the commercial mass media, with its homophobic subtext, is as aggressive as never before, and it's absurd that so many people of our community don't even recognize that (obviously, for the sake of being "accepted" or to compensate their internalized inferiority complexes!).

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