A Made In Brazil Extravaganza Made In The Philippines


Filipino-Canadian photographer Lon Liwen has put together a little tribute to MIB with Lucas Gil and other Brazilian boys he recently shot in the Philippines. View more pictures after the jump.




i am a Filipino, and it's good to know that Made in Brazil is interested to make some shots in the Philippines. Hope this is not the first time.

Top: Wow!
Middle: Cute!
Bottom: 8-[

eu sou brasileiro, e ... UAU!

What is it about Brazil that produces such beautiful guys?

the first one is to die for

Wow. I'm Filipino too and as I could see Brazilians are starting to flock over here. Nice

Who, by name, are the Group of Four? And gorgeous Lucas Gil? Give us more, por favor, prego, s'il vous plait, bitteschoen, PLEASE---in color, smiling [as here], and as nearly nude as Google Chrome allows ;o)

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