Ten hot male models. At the beach. In wet underwear.



The new issue of Junior magazine is not on newsstands yet, but photographer Didio has already posted tons of pictures which did not make the final cut on the magazine, and they look great. More after the jump.






Unpublished Photos From The Next Junior Magazine Part 1
Unpublished Photos From The Next Junior Magazine Part 2


The not-so-recent obsession that Brazilian gays and upscale male segments alike have developed for Calvin Klein undies is so "terceiro mundista". The boys every where else have been increasingly into different and innovative brands of underwear such as Diesel, Energie, DT Jocks, Aussiebum, Ginch-Gonch, American Apparel and so on (the list is never ending)..... Yet for the longest time now, whenever I see the overwhelming majority of photo shoots in underwear coming out of Brazil their are still hanging on to the good old Calvin Kleins which are EXTREMELY over-priced in Brazil (which really helps to explain the obsession with it). Nothing against CKs, they are great! But there are so many other options out there to be explored by fashion photographers.... The lack of innovation in this area appears to me as a symptom of the polo-wearing, traditionalist, and rather conservative "post-gay attitude" that some of the "rico, fino, antenado e viajado" segment - particularly among gays in SP/RJ - have been adopting as yet another desperate attempt to further divide and classify a society which is already SO extremely divided. Very sad indeed.

This is so dumb but cute.

I vote for the underwear that best frames the bulge. Isn't that what these photo shoots are all about? The hot bodies are nice, too.

Funny, I wasn't looking at the brand of undies the boys were wearing. Esoterica like that must be lost on me.

Oh, You 2! Stop analyzing useless theories that won't fix anything in this world..., and start scrutinizing how HOT does Junior Ferreira looks wearing those tight speedos! mmmm...

can't believe someone sees these pictures and their first thoughts are UNDERWEARS! i barely noticed the underwears, for god's sake, look at those boys inside them! or the wonderful sight behind them! or, DAMN, HAVE YOU JUST SEEN HOW MANY GORGEOUS BOYS IN THOSE PICTURES? my only thought about those underwears is that i want to throw the boys in my bed and take those off!

guy first left on the first picture seems to be VERY happy to be with the other guys :-)

thiago u sound like a loser, get over it

Just to clarify: I think the photo shoot looks great, the guys look super hot - even in CK undies. Underwear was NOT the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the post and, as I said before, there is nothing wrong with CK undies, they are great. I still think though, that variety, choice and novelty are luxuries that the Brazilian gay media should be able to afford just like its readers are able to afford their overpriced CK undies. Knowing a bit about the team behind Junior I am sure that they could come up with much more creative outfits for their shoots - about fashion or not. But then again, each country has the gay media it deserves and with all the financial predicaments of running this type of publication in Brazil, it is even understandable that they would stick to such a limited outlook. Sometimes it is just about hot bodies; but it doesn't hurt taking a deeper look into things every now and then people. Don't hate.

The pics are great, but MANY of the comments are laughable!

Thiago, you don't need to justify what you said before. You were correct the first time. Yes, the men in the picture are incredibly gorgeous, but as diversified as Brazil is, this picture shows only one color palette of guys. Notice how no one darker than "light caramel" is in this picture, when I've seen a bazillion gorgeous Brazilians of all colors. This picture is definitely showing us the side of Brazil that only the upper crust society of Brazil wants you to see: comely, young, rich, white-skinned muscle boys who overpay for their undies so they have the privilege of saying that they overpaid for their undies. People who can't see this have either never been to Brazil or are blind to their own society's racial divides.

Markus, your response is quite accurate and highly timely! Racism in Brazil is not acknowledged; it's a very quiet issue, and far too many Brazilians view all of this as a myth! (This was told to me by my hot Paulista friend a few years back; he came to the States and studied; now he lives in San Francisco.)

I've been to Brazil seven times in six years, so I know exactly what you related is quite, quite TRUE.

The "darker brothers" have yet to make it into the mainstream! This is such a pity!

Can't we all just get along, and admire the beautiful male physique, regardless of skin color or the brand of swimwear they are wearing?

the contents of any media do tend to be targeted to some specific customer segment and the "comely, young, rich, white-skinned muscle boys who overpay for their undies so they have the privilege of saying that they overpaid for their undies" are probably the ones who buy these gay mags in brazil.

THis is sooo bad. I am an american living in Brasil and I must say Im sick and tired of all the ads showing only white boys. All the boys here are beautiful. Mixed boys, black boys and white boys, so why do they keep on showing only White boys? This is crazy and makes no sense at allll. THis really needs to change.

deeper look in underwear? come on.

lighten up, guys. it's just undies.
plain and simple, the way we like it.

dee has a more relevant point, though.

good i like very very

very hottttttttttttt

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