To Die For: New Polas Of Marlon Teixeira



Marlon Teixeira, currently the highest ranked Brazilian male model on Top 50, stopped by his agency in Brazil before heading to Europe, and shot a new set of polas. Made In Brazil has a first look at the pictures. More here.



Rumor has it that Calvin Klein and Armani are keeping an eye on him for their next ad campaigns.

All new polas of Marlon Teixeira courtesy of Way Model.


Good Lawd he is delicious!Sometimes I wonder how on earth did Mother Nature come up with such hunks!

muito bom o cara que aparece atrás, na cozinha, provando o temperinho, "hum, tá delícia"
beijos, querido, tem coisas que só vc faz pela gente!

extremely good looking ... the models dior use in their shows [& that the brand are known for] are never the same types they use in their campaigns ... in the campaigns they always go for more handsome guys ... marlon is good looking but he still has an edginess to him, not sure what it is though ... he also has a perfect body for fashion, defined but skinny skinny skinny to fit into those dior suits!

aw. he is just perfect.

dam, he's yummy.

I'm starting to love the look of him. The tan is becoming. Now only if Ed Marquezini could go international

He looks brain damaged. Hot, but, stupid.

marlon is the future: the multinational look is so in now (he's half brazilian, a quarter indian and a quarter japanese).

all hail multiracial hunks!

He just needs to get a tan in his "watch area", hehe! hahaha

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