The Sexiest Polas To Hit My Mailbox In A While


Made In Brazil just got a second set of polas of newcomer Áthila Nicacio in extra small black briefs. View more pictures after the jump.



All pictures of Áthila Nicacio exclusive to Made In Brazil courtesy of Ragazzo Model Management.

View the first set of polas at: On My Radar


Now this I like! Hmmm its nice to have them a bit rough sometimes.Luv that hint of pubes.

Áthila is coming to be major as he has good international options.

i´m in blurrrr

I agree, this guy is a sex bomb! Beautiful.

Of course he's a good looking guy but he's what I call 'model average' ...

Go to Ipanema & every 5th guy looks as good! ... Compared to other [International] Brazilian fashion models he's very ordinary .. & once you get out of Brazil you're up against all the other South Americans, all the North Americans, Australians & the millions & millions of European guys .. It's a tough job unless you clearly stand out [Evandro, Miro, Andre, David J, Michael C etc..] & unfortunately this guy doesn't ... though he still should give it a shot ... sometimes luck is more important than looks - look at Brad Kroenig.

This young guy is indeed pure, ripe, virginal, and fresh looking! Of all that has been written above-- I hope he succeeds in his new endeavor! Gosh, he's sooooooo cute and hot in his own right!

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