Speedo Sundays


Actor Duda Nagle and friends at the beach in Leblon on Friday. More pictures after the jump.





Goodness gracious it looks like Heaven on Earth! Slurrrp!

wow.!!!!!!!!..he looks very sexy but we need to see a different color speedo. am sure it not be to hard to find in Brazil. come on Duda

Oh my! He has such a fit body!!! Can't get enough of him.

i like his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deus!!!!

Ih achei os amigos melhores!!!

So, I look outside and I see 7 inches--of snow. I look at these fotos and I see, well, I see another reason why I'm stupid for continuing to live in the North. I think it's time to move down South. Waaaaay down south!

Wow! I'd play beach balls with his hot friends anytime!

You absolutely can never go wrong with black.

My friend and I plan to travel to Rio de Janeiro in October of this year. This will be my eighth vacation there since 2002. My I am getting excited in my being able to walk and ride my old "stomping grounds" amongst beautiful people and culture and heart!

If I could have easily learned Brasilian Portugese as well as have a definitive support base-- I would have moved there in 2003.


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