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Actor Cauã Reymond at praia do Recreio on Friday. (Image Source )


wow! i want his body right now! *******runs to gym***********

He is just right Mr. Made in Brazil,,,,you don't need to feed him.

Thanks! I like as much Caua as I can get!!

he's kinda skinny, but gorgeous anyway...

"kinda skinny"

Are u serious? Have you witnessed the guys on the runway during Paris fashion week? - that's skinny, Caua has a great body. I really wonder where the hell you're from if the above picture is skinny, he's normal!

Recreio...can't he afford to live in Leblon with the money from A Favorita?

stell, honey...

have u seen photos of him like...a year ago? check it out


no doubt, he lost some weight.

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