Not Every Jesus Can Walk On Water


Jesus Luz went for a swim in Ipanema yesterday in the afternoon. More pictures after the jump.





And here is another take at Jesus' afternoon at the beach.


THANK YOU FOR keep posting Jesus!!! I am obsessed with him now, not sure because of him being Madonna's boy, or because his stunning body and eyes.... his pictures never fail to lighten up my day!!! :)

ok! can we get over him now!

Enough. Enough of this boy. He is so boring, so plain, so common.

Please, no more Jesus.

Yes, please, let's get over him. He should have worn a speedo...

Stunning bod? sounds regular to me...

Na praia de Ipanema ... com essa bermuda?!?! WTF!

Take a good look at him at the Madonna's "W" photo shoot, where he is holding a white towel over his crotch, are you kidding me, if that body isn't magnificent, what is? after all, Madonna has good taste, if you got picked up by her, there's gotta be something...

The water looks pretty dirty.

"madonna has good taste" Are you serious? HaHa!

Anyway, his ass has been booted to the kerb b/c the Malawi officials were not thrilled with her spread in W or the fact she's dating him. Malawi is one of the most conservative African countries, dating someone that could be your son isn't exactly great when you're trying to adopt a child from their country.

Thank God madonna got real!

Um, I think Madonna got what she wanted from Jesus. And then, she moved on. So should he. So should we. NEXT!

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