Luiz Afonso By Eric Sposito



Photographed three weeks ago in Paris. More at Eric Sposito.


I love his mouth

The second photo (the one up on the right) is truly beautiful. This boy is very sexy...I would love to kiss those full lips.

those lips! so sexy

This is the prettiest model that I've have ever seen, he's not like the other guys, got a different sex appeal and sexy lips!

Can't believe how much more grown up his look is in just the last year. He's a MAN now! Such smoulder! I do wish the photographers and designers would let the models bulk up just a bit. Luiz had a fine, rippling set of biceps when he begun at only 17. He obviously slimmed a little, but that new manliness would look perfect with a body as mature. Add that sexy tracksuit hanging off his torso... I don't think I'd ever recover!

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