Lance's New Brazilian Boyfriend


Lance Bass scored himself yet another Brazilian boyfriend. His name is Gustavo Marzolla, he is 32, and has moved from Belo Horizonte to the US over a year ago. Pictures of the couple on vacation taken from their facebook profiles made their way to Queerty last Friday.

Gustavo posed naked for a portfolio on The Advocate in September of last year, but his name is no longer listed on the magazine's website as one of the people who posed for the spread, and his pictures have been taken down (you can still find them here though).

Via Papel Pop.


Gustavo is so handsome by the beach. Lance needs to stop dating different guys one by one, and needs to settle down with that right person.
Lance, I love you very much.

This guy looks very promising. Is his not being included in the magazine's list a result of him being a Bass' boy (no pun intended)? Either way, good luck to them.

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