Jesus Luz Is Back In Rio


Jesus Luz landed in Rio de Janeiro last night after spending almost two months in New York. He spoke with gossip magazine Quem at the airport, and laughed at the rumors that he would be actually dating Steven Klein as opposed to Madonna. According to Quem, the model said that he has kept in touch with his family and friends contrary to what tabloids have published, and that he was already expecting  that people would try to cash in on his recent rise to fame. He also said that he did not book the next Versace campaign as published. When asked about his trips to the Kabbalah Center in spite of his evangelical upbringing, Jesus said that he had always been interested in the kabbalah, and had even bought books about it prior to meeting Madonna.

Jesus will be spending a month in the country, waiting for his work visa to be approved as recommended by Ford Models in New York. I am certain the paparazzi will be keeping a very close eye on him.


Ele declarou que vai ter muita gente tentando se promover as custa dele .... alou .... madonnna!!!!!

Is this it for him I wonder?

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