Gisele On Vanity Fair, More Marc In Rio, Beyoncé On Tour, And Daslu

  • Gb033009 The most beautiful woman in the world? Vanity Fair devotes its May cover to Gisele.
  • Marc and Lorenzo go hang gliding in Rio.
  • Jesus Luz was spotted leaving the Kabbalah Center in Rio this weekend.
  • Check out tons of pictures of Beyoncé performing in Winnipeg on Saturday night. I really hope she tours Brazil this year.
  • Speedo break.
  • Evandro Soldati has been confirmed as the coverboy for the April issue of gay magazine DOM.
  • After being arrested and sentenced to 94.5 years in jail on Thursday, Daslu owner Eliana Tranchesi was released on Friday evening. The owner of Brazil's most luxurious boutique is charged with tax evasion, fraudulent importing, and organized crime. Her lawyer stated that her arrest last week was unconstitutional since she still has the right to appeal to the sentence. Daslu has been fined over R$1 billion for its fraudulent operations dating back to 2005. The store claims it has been paying the fine on a monthly basis. 


Gisele is the most beautiful woman in the world.

LOL I began to worry when I thought Vanity was quoting Gisele as saying "HOW I'LL SOLVE THE FINANCIAL CRISIS" :-)

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