Doritos Commercial Considered Homophobic In Brazil

A national Doritos commercial has been making the rounds on Brazilian gay blogs for being considered homophobic. In it, four friends are riding in a car, when one of them suddenly starts dancing to YMCA. A bag of Doritos covers the guy's face and a slogan says "Wanna share something with your friends? Share a bag of Doritos." While the whole thing may seem harmless, gay rights groups are claiming that the commercial discriminates against gay men by suggesting that coming out to your friends is not appropriate.

PepsiCo. released a statement yesterday saying that the company would never risk airing any campaign if its message were of discrimation or prejudice against any particular audience. PepsiCo. also stated that the commercial released on March 8th aims to stimulate the consumption of Doritos in a group of friends, especially since data shows that Doritos is mostly consumed by people when they are alone. Also according to PepsiCo., YMCA was chosen for the commercial because it is "dated and fun," and because most people have at some point made a fool of themselves by performing the choreography to the song. Little did PepsiCo. know that it could have saved itself a lot of trouble by having picked Macarena or any song without a gay connotation instead.

Gay rights group ABGLT has filed a formal complaint asking for the Doritos commercial to be banned from  television. 

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No much need for elaborating here - it IS homophobic and it breaks my nerves to see how cynical and evil the company has CHOSEN to act, in a direct social offense. Yeah, gay people are "society" as well and sponsors much of the green-bucks-growth inside the comapnay´s bank accounts.

This has to be put down immediately.

I just don't buy Pepsico anymore.
It's easy, if they don't like me, they don't like my money either!!

Why is it such a cheap ass commercial? Doritos commercials in other countries like US, UK, Canada etc... are way more elaborate with huge budgets! I guess it's kinda homophobic, just don't buy the product.

The other commercial from Doritos with the same message is with "Like a Virgin". Don´t need to say no more, right?

Oh My God! Why can't people just relax!! I am gay and in NO way did this offend me! I guess I am not as "sensitive" as other gays.... or is that homophobic of me to say? Why protest and boycott? Why not just laugh and move on?

Hey, Thomas

Laughter? With all due respect, we cannot afford to laugh at an explicit message implying being gay or whatever else along "gay" wouldn´t be "allright".

Why-on-earth would a publicity agency come up with this sick concept, I mean, this is what I truly find violent.

...Violence most of us cannot even recognize as so anymore, and now that..., THAT is really concern-worthy.

Corroborate this by simply letting it pass, "moving on" without a critical sense, and expect a backlash my friend, not so funny, right on your way, ahead in (your) life.

This is not a joke. It´s about simple, basic respect. End of story. it should end, indeed.

These are some of the most reactionary comments I've ever seen on this blog. Truely stupid. So basically some of these guys are saying is that anybody that does that stupid little YMCA dance is gay!?! Give me a break and stop being such drama queens. That ad is only homophobic if you want to be prissy thin-skinned fairys. NOWHERE in that ad is there even a trace of anti-gay attitude. Me thinks thou doth protest too much!

All due respect Scott, it may be violent to call someone a drama queen in this post chain, you may even be considered a terrorist if you have a sense of humor! lol I agree with you 100%! As gays, I think we need to FOCUS our anger, protest and boycott powers to get equal rights, then worry about a silly tv commercials that only a handful of gays are even offended by, much less would interpret as violent! If the commercial identified the guy as gay (and not just a guy car dancing to a song that gays feel they own as a badge recognition), then it MIGHT could be considered offensive! Big issue - gay rights! Petty issue - tv commercial that by feeding the publicity only gets it more attention!

...the so called gay community deserves what it gets mostly; given what is observable here by gay men reactions to this. Most of you for the very least.

Sad as hell.

What I´ve said stands up & high, it´s not about (my) opinions, but observable aspects of plain social truth.

Gotta rest the case here and oh.., yeah, none of what i´ve said came from a gay person.


I agree with Thomas, lighten up. I'm gay and this in no way offends me, It's actually pretty funny.

Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill...

Sheesh, get freaking life. This is so stupid.

Wah! Wah! Look at me! Look at me! I am a drama queen! Wah! Wah!

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