Daslu, Lorenzo Martone, Gisele's Wedding, Beyoncé, And Visionaire 55

  • 032609 Eliana Tranchesi, the owner of Brazil's high luxury store Daslu, has been arrested and sentended to 94.5 years in jail this morning along with her brother Antonio Carlos Piva de Albuquerque. Eliana is charged with fraudulent importing, organized crime, and tax evasion in a case that started in 2005. She released a statement today saying: " I do not see the point in being arrested again. I do not represent any danger to society. I was arrested for tax evasion even though most of the charges and penalties have been paid." Eliana's lawyer is asking that her client is set free because of her poor health condition. Eliana is currently undergoing chemotherapy, and according to her lawyer, may die if kept in prison. Expect updates on the case as it progresses.
  • Go behind the scenes at the spring 2009 Christian Dior campaign with Gisele.
  • Marc Jacobs' soon to be husband Lorenzo Martone shares tips about New York.
  • TMZ got a hold of an invitation for Gisele and Tom's wedding in Costa Rica.
  • Check out the costumes Mugler designed for Beyoncé's tour (cyborg gloves included of course).
  • The new Visionaire 55 Surprise, loaded with pop-up portfolios by the likes of Mario Testino, Steven Meisel, and Gareth Pugh, is already available.
  • Two doses of hotness: Junior Ferreira by Didio and Jakub Stefano by Dylan Rosser.
  • I am loving John Varvato's new fragrance Artisan, which was just released this month and comes in a fantastic bottle wrapped in hand-woven rattan.


oohhh, so sad for ms. tranchesi... NOOOOOOOOOT.

Not sure if Eliana Tranchesi is really guilty, but if it's proven that she is so, then she deserves jail (the maximum penalty in Brazil is 30 years). It's impressive how the Brazilian media is kind of defending her and criticizing our judicial sytem. Fine to do that, but it should show this compassion with people more often, specially with poorest part of the society.
Great blog by the way.

The truth is that brazilian taxes are too high and would never allow such a store to exist unless the owners cut corners. and cut corners they did. i think it is fair that she goes to jail. She is guilty afterall.
My humble opinion.

Knowing how the justice system in Brasil works, the owners of Daslu will be out again very soon and back to work - or on a jetplane out of the country.

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