Could The Two Male Contestants Left On Big Brother Brazil Be Ex Lovers?


With the elimination of Ralf last Tuesday, only two guys are left on the Big Brother Brazil house, an there is speculation that the two may actually be ex-lovers. In a video leaked on YouTube in January, Flávio revealed that he had a boyfriend named Max in the past. A month later, Max almost let it slip out that he had also been in a relationship with a guy. Is it just a coincidence or an unexpected twist on the show this season?

Click here and here to watch the videos on YouTube.


Max: Flávio, I love you so much it makes my eyes bug.

Flávio: How do you think I ended up with these glasses?

That would be awesome if it were true... but I somehow doubt TV Globo arranged that! If anything, they'd hate to have a gay couple on their hands because that would mean the problem of a potential kiss (or more). But I'll be glad if I'm wrong. ;-)

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