Brazilianizer Of The Week: Marc Jacobs


Marc Jacobs and soon-to-be-husband Lorenzo Martone spent the weekend in São Paulo promoting the opening of the designer's first flagship store in the city.

At a press conference at the store on Friday afternoon, Marc solved the kilt mystery saying that he wears it to showcase his calves, which he likes (I get it Marc, I like my calves too, but shorts also do the trick). Marc also said that he doesn't mind the attention the media pays to his relationship with Lorenzo, and that he loves being on the spotlight.

On Friday night, a huge party was thrown for the designer at gay nightclub Cantho. Marc showed up in his usual black kilt (working the calves), and both him and Lorenzo were wearing matching rings on their left hands (cute). The couple stayed at the party a little over an hour at a private area.

According to gossip site Glamurama, Marc and Lorenzo plan on adopting a baby girl. The couple is still in Brazil, and is headed to Txai resort in Itacaré today. After that they plan on spending a few days relaxing in Rio. I expect a few speedo sightings to post here.

Picture by Adelaide Ivánova. View more pictures of the Marc Jacobs party at Oficina de Estilo, Papel Pop and RG Vogue. Watch an interview with the designer at the new São Paulo store after the jump.


He's awesome! Love this guy. The hottest fourty-six-year-old ever in the market.

Totally agree with Fabricio! I love him too. Even though I wouldn't show my hot calves on kilts, I enjoyed the result on him. I'm awaiting his speedo snapshots ASAP!

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