Brazilian Gustavo Marzolla Not Dating Lance Bass

Dm032709 On March 20, Queerty published a series of pictures of Lance Bass vacationing with 32-year-old Brazilian Gustavo Marzolla, and soon after rumors that the two were dating spread all over the web (MIB also ran the story this past Monday). I have heard today from Gustavo's friends, and it looks like the story was planted and the rumors are not true. According to one of Gustavo's friends, "he went on vacation with a group of friends last month and one of the many people in the group was Lance Bass. Gustavo did not even know Lance Bass (until then). Gustavo posed for many pictures and with everyone in the group that week. Lance used this opportunity to create some much needed buzz for his career by having one of his friends send in the photos with Gustavo to try to make it look like Lance is always with hot guys, and had a new Brazillian boyfriend. In no way is he remotely into Lance Bass." And there is more: "Lance should come out and just say there is no story there, but he probably will not because the buzz is good for him. He totally used Gustavo."

Feel free to draw your own conclusions. I am not assuming anything until I hear from Gustavo himself or Lance Bass. Just a word of advice to both: wear speedos on your next vacation.


LOL Not for nothing, but it's not as if Lance actually needs to do anything to create buzz. I think the past 8 years of his life has made this evident--no offense to Mrs. Bass. He goes to a club/salon/lunch, paparazzi follow, and there's his buzz fill for the week, whether he cares for it or not.

It sounds like someone is quite confused about who may have used whom for publicity. Gustavo is an up and coming screenwriter who I'm sure benefits from having his name out there, regardless of the reason. Lance has been in the limelight since he was 16. I don't know--you tell me who needs the "buzz" in this situation.

And by Mrs., I meant Mr. But Mrs. makes it quite amusing.

"Mrs. Bass." Ha! Sounds like a seasoning salt for fish.

Could I "use" Gustavo for a few hours one day? Please? No pictures would be taken... just mental pictures and happy memories!


Um, they look awfully friendly in every photo i've seen of them together. and in this one in particular, their knees are touching. Maybe they aren't boyfriends, but somethings definitely goin on...IMHO

Um, Lance, I mean anon? Methinks the lady doth protesteth too much!

I appreciate the effort you put out make light of Lance's very busy social life but really, I don't know a lot of people who take him seriously anyway. He's not fooling anyone.

I still don't understand why, on a site whose mission is to "Brazilianize the world", you insist on calling the Brazilian men's swimsuit a "speedo". It is a sunga! And a sunga is different from a Speedo. And Speedo is a brand name anyway; most Speedo-style suits aren't really Speedos, either. Maybe you could do a whole posting comparing and contrasting sungas and Speedos. With lots of hot models wearing them, of course.

Oh, Different Anon. Lance can't type as well as I can. Just look at his myspace.

Note to Lance: Dude, get a job!

What business is it of anyone's what happened during that trip. I am not a Lance Bass fan or the Brazilian person involved. What it sounds like to me is that his friends are causing up a stir for this wanna be Brazlian person. I usually keep my comments to myself but when this kind of set up is going on to keep this Brazalian person in the spot light is kind of pathetic. You are seems like your friend is trying to shine the light on himself...

I'm confused. Queerty got the same pics but didn't post that they were boyfriends. This site did. How did you know they were boyfriends? Why would Lance plant that here and not in Queerty? Or did you just assume they were boyfriends, which is why you're now making this retraction? Also, what makes you so sure that Lance planted the rumor? After all, all Queerty did was post the pics.

Queerty has confirmed that a friend of Gustavo's sent them the pictures--not Lance. Also, from

Lance Bass and model boyfriend Gustavo Marzolla, cozying up over dinner at Asia De Cuba inside the Mondrian hotel in West Hollywood, followed by partying at the SKYY Infusions Pineapple Gilligan's Island-themed launch bash at nearby Skybar. "They were canoodling all night," says an onlooker.


Gustavo is one of the models in Eric Schwabel's new book.

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